What circulator can I buy for heating?

What is the circulator used for and how to choose the right one?

Do you live in a family house, or are you planning to build one, and you are not indifferent to heating bills? Attention should be paid to the circulation pump, which can be found in the boilers of most family houses, and which is needed for the distribution of hot water in the heating system. Circulation pump is a device that ensures the circulation of water between the heat source (boiler) and the heating element. Circulation pumps are used in addition to heating for air-conditioning and for the immediate supply of hot water. The highest quality must meet the high demands of durability, reliability, low noiseand, above all, economy.



Circulation pumps for heating systems are classified as centrifugal pumps and are supplied either in wet or dry circulation versions. For the purposes of heating in family houses, wet running pumps prevail almost exclusively, which are mounted directly in the pipeline.

What parameters to focus on

As with any technical device that we buy for a longer period of time, it is also necessary to think about the properties and parameters of the circulator. If it is to be part of a completely new system, project documentation, which should contain technical data for pumps, will help you to choose the right pump model.
If we are replacing an old pump that worked well before the malfunction, it will be sufficient to replace such a pump with a new one with the same parameters. Due to the current legislation, it will be a pump with integrated speed control, which is crucial for high system efficiency and economy. Our dealers will help you with other parameters such as the built-in length of the pump for assembly, thread and pipe diameter, transport height or flow.

Integrated speed control – key to high efficiency and savings

Automatic adjustment of pump power (speed) is extremely important for saving energy. Operation of the pump at full speed is necessary only in the minimum part of its daily operation - it is five to seven percent of the total daily operation. The regulation also ensures a smooth start of the pump and at the same time reduces the number of on/off cycles, thus reducing mechanical load and wear of its individual parts, thus extending the lifetime. The pump with automatic regulation thus operates with maximum efficiency and in optimum mode. With advanced technologies, cutting-edge equipment such as GrundfosAlpha pumps can reduce energy consumption by 60%. However, it can be up to 80%.

Replacing the pump

Do you want to save energy and replace the old pump with a new one? Or is your pump out of service and you are looking for something to replace it with? Use the form on the basis of which we will suggest a suitable and economical alternative.

Replacement of the old pump

ALPHA 2 - the best-selling circulator


  • modern design
  • high efficiency
  • easy operation
  • easy to operate
  • autoadapt mode (optional)

Circulator pump designed for heating systems in family houses and smaller heating systems. It is one of the most efficient pumps in its class on the market.

In addition to the standard operating settings, it is also provided with an AUTOADAPT mode. Electronic circuits installed in the pumps continuously monitor the operating parameters of the entire heating system such as pressure fluctuations, temperature changes or changes in the settings of the thermostatic valves on the heating elements.

Fast return on investment

It is true that high efficiency is also reflected in a higher purchase price. However, the return on investment is relatively fast. When replacing an old unregulated pump with a top regulated pump, the return is calculated for an average of 14 months. The cost of purchasing an economical pump will then return on average within three years.