How to choose a swimming pool pump

Swimming is naturally a popular summer activity and many Czechs choose the option of their own pool in the garden. In the number of pools per person, we are at the top of the imaginary European ranking. No wonder every third house has its own swimming pool.

The operation of the pool is associated with the need for water filtration. To do this, you need a swimming pool pump that provides you with circulation and pumping of water. The pump should filter the total volume of water in the pool at least once every 5 hours.

Swimming pool pump

The self-priming swimming pool pump with built-in pre-filter is used as a circulation pump in filtration equipment for swimming pools and whirlpools. Some types can also be used for saltwater pools.

The main criteria for choosing a pump

To make sure the pump meets your requirements, it is necessary to know:
  • What delivery height do I need? The resistance of the pipe and filter behind the pump plays an important role in the selection of the pump. In the case of conventional technology located near the pool and the corresponding sand filter, it is possible to count on a delivery height of up to 6 m (the pump should therefore have the necessary flow rate at a delivery height of about 6 m - see pump characteristics). For larger pools, we recommend consulting the delivery height of the system with the supplier of complete technology.
  • What water flow do I need? We offer pumps with a flow rate in the range of 175-2000 l/min.  And also it is necessary to take into account that the pump should filter the volume of water in the pool at least 1 time in 5 hours. 
  • Will I filter fresh or salt water? Not all pumps are suitable for saltwater pools.
  • Will the pump filter the water from the pool or hot tub? This determines the ability of the pump to pump water at a given temperature, either 35 or up to 60 °C.

Introduction and advantages of pumps

PUMPA blue line PFC-505

Variant suitable for smaller private pools.

  • It has a plastic impeller and a built-in pre-filter.
  • Max. flow 175 l/min (10.5 m3/h), max. delivery height 10 m.
  • Also suitable for saltwater pools.
  • Water temperature up to 35 °C.

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Calpeda MPC

The high-quality certified pump of the Italian brand Calpeda suitable for medium-sized pools has a number of advantages.

  • The pump is made of high quality, corrosion- and sand-resistant plastics.
  • Longitudinal stainless steel current diffuser for faster self-priming.
  • Large capacity basket filter - 2 l.
  • Mechanical seal without shaft contact for greater safety.
  • Max. flow rate up to 667 l/min (40 m3/h), max. delivery height up to 16.4 m.
  • Choice of several variants, versions for 230V and 3x400V.

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Calpeda NMP

Closed centrifugal self-priming pump with built-in pre-filter for medium and large pools.

  • Designed for clean or slightly polluted water with a possible content of suspended solid particles
  • The bronze version (B-NMP) is also suitable for saltwater pools.
  • Max. flow rate up to 2000 l/min (120 m3/hour), max. delivery height 26.2 m.
  • Suitable for pumping water up to 60 °C.
  • Cast iron design.

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