Submersible motors

Submersible drainage sump pumps are high-quality submersible drilling pumps for the water supply of homes, gardens, farmsteads, fire hydrants in hotels, industry and manufacturing technologies. The offer includes top motors from Franklin Electric and COVERCO in 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch versions. We offer frequency converters to ensure constant pressure and low energy consumption during water supply. Ultimately, this means you will be able to operate a dishwasher, wash and water your lawn - all at the same time!

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Franklin Electric motors are a universal solution of the highest quality. They meet the drinking water certificate, are available in sizes 4 ", 6", 8 ", 10" and 12 "with a power range from 0.25kW to 400kW and for use up to 90 ° C. Choose from two designs - encapsulated and rewindable. The motors are highly energy efficient, providing savings in operating costs of up to 20%. Engines up to 30 kW are manufactured in the Czech Republic.