How can we pump water without electricity

In this case, we have two options:

Use a petrol or diesel powered pump (petrol only for low power). Nowadays, our market is mainly Italian petrol engine pumps, which are reliable and powerful enough, very light (for carrying about 7 kg), can pump water from a maximum depth of 8 m. As fuel, common petrol with oil is used, the same as for lawnmowers or chainsaws.

Use a hand pump.

Hand pumps are the oldest types of pumps and their proven design has not changed significantly. Again, the suction height already mentioned many times decides here. For pumping water from a maximum depth of 8 m, we can use all pumps manufactured such as LILA,NP 75,NP 90,STANDARD II,STANDARD T.

Hand pump

  • for water transport at depths up to 30m
  • for pumping drinking or service water without mechanical additives with a maximum temperature of 40 °C