Product news 2024

Introducing the product innovations we have prepared for you for 2024. We will be updating this page throughout the year.

1. Pressure booster pumps

PUMPA e-line E-DRIVE PPMS504 50Hz 230V 0.55kW water plant with frequency converter - already in stock

Automatic pressure booster pump PUMPA E-LINE E-DRIVE PPMS with frequency converter with integrated pressure vessel, pressure sensor and non-return valve.

2. Submersible groundwater pumps 

LEO 5DWm submersible borehole pump - already in stock

5" submersible borehole pump. For domestic, municipal and industrial use, pumping clean and lightly contaminated water, irrigation and rainwater harvesting and pumping water from wells, boreholes, tanks or reservoirs.

Leo STK submersible peripheral pump - already in stock

Submersible peripheral pump. Suitable for pumping water from wells and tanks and smaller irrigation systems.

PUMPA blue line 90QJD 2xx submersible pump - already in stock

Submersible 3.5" pump for wells and boreholes, for pumping clean water, irrigation, waterworks for residential and industrial applications. 

The 90QJD pump has now been expanded to include a version without switch box (212.1 , 216.1, 221.1) and a 3x 230V version that can only be operated with a frequency converter (212.3, 216.3, 221.3).

3. Surface pumps

Leo AJm self-priming pump JET red - already in stock

Surface self-priming JET pump for pumping clean water without abrasive particles from wells and tanks. Suitable for domestic waterworks, small irrigation systems, pumping, retention tanks.

We have added other variants of the AJM pump, now in orange. 

4. Submersible sludge and drainage pumps

PUMPA blue line PSPX submersible sludge pump

Submersible sludge pump PUMPA blue line PSPX with automatic level monitoring for pumping wastewater with solids up to 35 mm.

PUMPA blue line PSDR401P submersible pump

The plastic submersible pump PUMPA blue line PSDR401P is designed for pumping clean or slightly polluted drainage water from basements and tanks, for irrigation, pool water pumping or pumping storage tanks. The pump is equipped with both automatic and manual modes.

5. Submersible motors

PUMPA blue line PSM4TM 4" motor 3x230V - already in stock

Pumpa submersible motors are specially designed for underwater operation and ensure reliable operation in wells and boreholes with a diameter greater than 130 mm.

6. Sets with submersible pump