Sewage pumps

K+ DN 40 ÷ DN 350 Series

The wide range of the K+ series is designed to pump wastewater containing gases and solids. The excellent performance of the hydraulic profiles ensures maximum efficiency. The special compact size of the pump ensure total reliability and ease installation The K+ Energy pumps are designed to ensure premium efficiency thanks to the IE3 efficiency motors. The patented “DryWet” cooling system allows use both in the tank and in the dry chamber. Extreme reliability, sturdiness and durability thanks to the innovative K+ non stop anti-clogging system. Ideal for treatment and transport of wastewater, industry and stormwater. The K+ ENERGY range is now more extensive thanks to the new electric pump models with twin-blade open impeller, which ensure excellent efficiency above 80%.

Flow rate up to l/s 710
Head up to m 67
Power up to kW 180



Innovative series of surface monobloc electric pumps, in horizontal or vertical version, for pumping residential and industrial waste water, coupled with standard electric motors. Compact, reliable and versatile, they are easy to maintain and install in dry chambers. Equipped with retracted vortex high efficiency hydraulics, single-channel or double-channel impeller. Supplied as standard with double mechanical seal on the shaft, barrier oil chamber and conductivity probe.

Flow rate up to l/s 750
Head up to m 65
Power up to kW 200