Submersible pumps for domestic use

These are pumps that are specially adapted for pumping water from wells, which can be attached with a suspension device. Their dimensions and other parameters allow you to easily run the submersible pump into your well. We offer spindle submersible pumps and centrifugal submersible pumps.

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How to choose a pump for a well

With rising sewage and water prices, owning a well is a big advantage. Previously, water from a well was pumped by hand, as it was not brought to the house. Today, water is pumped using electric pumps. When choosing a pump for a well, the customer should have information on whether the well is drilled or dug, what the source is and the quality (water pollution), or at what depth and how far it will be pumped. When choosing a pump for a well, the diameter of the pipes or the estimated water consumption should not be forgotten.







Input voltage

Maximum flow

l/min l/min

Pump diameter

Drinking water certificate


Impeller material