Submersible borehole pumps for domestic use

The offered submersible borehole pumps have a high head. Due to the design of the borehole and the protection of the pump, no such emphasis is placed on mechanical resistance. Rather, the borehole submersible pump is designed for long-term immersion and resistance to the pressure of the water column above it. For this reason, it is always recommended to observe the maximum immersion depth of the device. The so-called deep pumps are among the currently popular ones.

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The submersible pump is actually a colloquial designation for a submersible pump that we use to pump water from great depths. However, since this is a general designation, it is nowhere exactly specified which pump is submersible and which is not. In practice, any submersible pumps other than surface pumps (suction head less than 8 meters) are often referred to as such. For example, the Pump AD pump is suitable for pumping water from deep wells, up to a depth of 250 m, used for irrigation and for supplying drinking water to cottages or family houses.







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