Global Water Solutions

Renowned company Global Water Solutions Ltd. (GWS) belongs to the group of brands for which the company PUMPA, a.s. offers premium representation.
GWS, a member of the Swan Group, is at the forefront of innovation and new technologies for pressure vessels and is the most comprehensive supplier of pressure vessels in the world. It offers a complete range of pressure membrane vessels for water drilling, domestic waterworks, pressure control, reverse osmosis, hot water heating and other thermal applications. GWS serves global markets with strategically located manufacturing facilities in Randolph, Massachusetts, the United States and Taiwan. In our range you will find the premiere GWS pressure vessel series, PressureWave®, ThermoWave®, HeatWave®, SolarWave®, Challenger® and Flow-Thru®. The patented GWS Flow-Thru nádoby vessels are available in steel and composite versions and provide the freshest water when used with VFD control systems.