Glanded pumps

Dry-running pumps have a mechanical seal separating the working space with the medium from the surrounding environment and a fan-cooled electric motor. The In line variant has a body design with a suction and discharge port in one axis, facilitating the installation of the pump in a straight pipe.

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The basic variants are single-turn with a cast iron body and are available in pressure ranges PN 6 to 16. Modern advanced types have integrated speed control, mostly thanks to FM (frequency converter), ensuring the possibility of optimizing operation and thus reducing operating costs, extending life, etc.

The manufacturers of these pumps then also offer various material designs for both the body and impeller (bronze, stainless steel) as well as seals.

Some types of dry-running pumps have a coupling inserted between the motor and the hydraulic part. This solution allows greater variability of used engines (their availability and prices) and significantly simplifies their possible repairs.